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Did you know?

  • Using energy wisely saves us money, helps reduce environmental impacts, and allows New Zealand businesses to be more competitive.
  • New Zealand has access to a wide range of energy sources – around a quarter of these are renewable.
  • Around two-thirds of our electricity is generated from renewable sources – a high proportion by international standards.
  • As our population and economy have grown, so too have our energy needs.
  • Over the past few years economic growth has exceeded energy demand, indicating that the economy has reduced its reliance on energy to some degree.
  • Households are the largest energy user in New Zealand, when vehicle fuels are included.

For more information about the impacts of energy use on the environment see Environment New Zealand 2007 at

What can you do?

  • When buying appliances, look for the energy rating label and the ENERGY STAR mark to help save you money and power – the more stars on the energy rating label, the better the energy efficiency.
  • Reduce your power bills by installing solar water heating in your home. Visit for information on financial assistance for solar water heating. 
  • Switch off appliances at the wall – the average household could save around 10 per cent on its power bill if appliances on standby were switched off.
  • A well insulated home is easier to heat – ceiling insulation can save you up to $400 per year.
  • Draught-proof your home – make your home easier to heat and keep the heat in by using draught stoppers for your doors and windows.
  • Install energy-saving light bulbs – these use five times less energy for the same amount of light and they last longer.