Annex 3. The Fiordland Marine Guardians Advisory Committee

The proposed Fiordland Marine Guardians advisory committee will have a number of roles. It will take an overview of marine management in Fiordland and provide integrated advice to Ministers, central government management agencies and Environment Southland on the effectiveness of overall marine resources management within the Fiordland marine area. It would:

  1. Provide advice on:
    • the effectiveness of the existing resource management, biosecurity, marine conservation and fisheries management measures and on their revocation, confirmation or amendment
    • whether marine reserves are effective in meeting the biodiversity protection purpose of the Marine Reserves Act
    • the need for new measures for fisheries or resource management, marine biodiversity protection, marine conservation, and biosecurity management
    • any other marine issues relevant to the Fiordland Marine Area as requested by Ministers
  2. Facilitate integrated management and act as a forum for management agencies to work together
  3. Act as a marine reserves advisory body in lieu of any appointment being made by the Minister of Conservation under the Conservation Act or under the new Marine Reserves Act
  4. Assist management agencies to:
    • prepare and disseminate information and educational material
    • plan monitoring of the state of the marine environment, uses, activities and effects
    • undertake the five year review of the effectiveness of the package of management measures
    • plan for compliance and enforcement
  5. Comprise eight members appointed by the Minister for the Environment, in consultation with the Ministers of Fisheries and Conservation, and Environment Southland. Membership should be a fair reflection of the range of interests relating to the Fiordland marine area. The Minister may seek recommendations from the community, tangata whenua, commercial and recreational fisheries, charter boat operators, tourism interests, research and environment sectors. Ngai Tahu would be guaranteed one member as tangata whenua.
  6. Have no executive management responsibilities. The State Services Commission advise that it should not be able to employ, contract or otherwise control resources; these responsibilities will remain with the various management agencies. It would be a Group 4 body under the new Remuneration and Fees regime, and would come under the Fees and Travelling Allowances Act 1951. The Ministry for the Environment would take responsibility for the Fiordland Marine Guardians administration costs, management and administrative support.
  7. Not preclude central government agencies from providing independent advice to their Ministers. A sound and productive working relationship should see the need for separate advice diminish.
  8. Be distinct from the Incorporated Society known as the Guardians of Fiordland's Fisheries and Marine Environment Inc.