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1. The Board is required to include in the Plan its reasons for adopting the provisions of the Plan, [Waitaki Act, s26(3)(a); See also RMA, s67(1)(e).] including the policies, rules and other methods, [Waitaki Act, s19(2); and partly in the Section 32 Report.] and the relevant matters it considered relating to matters raised in submissions. [RMA, Sched 1, cl 10(2).] The Board intends this section of the Plan to fulfil those duties. It starts with general topics that explain the context in which the Board is adopting the provisions of the Plan. The next section covers 'plan-wide topics' that relate to provisions throughout the Plan. The final section follows the general topic areas within the structure of the Plan. The list of reports that the Board has considered is included in Appendix 1. [Waitaki Act, s26(3)(b).]