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National Environmental Standards for Electricity Transmission Activities: Introduction

This guidance material aims to assist the implementation of the National Environmental Standards for Electricity Transmission Activities [New Zealand Legislation website] (called 'the NES' from here on) which came into effect on 14 January 2010.

The NES applies to activities concerning existing electricity transmission lines. It sets out a framework of permitted activities and resource consent requirements for the operation, maintenance and upgrading of such lines.

Purpose of the guidance

  • For local authorities and Transpower – to assess the resource consent requirements for the maintenance and upgrade of existing transmission lines and determine which activities are permitted.
  • For local authorities – to understand how the NES implements the National Policy Statement on Electricity Transmission (the NPS).
  • For members of the public – to understand the broad direction of the NES and how it relates to the NPS.

The current pages went 'live' in January 2010. Further guidance on how to review and amend plans, to take account of the NES, has since been developed for local authorities.

These pages are intended to be updated periodically. If you print material from the website, please make sure you are using the most up-to-date version. We encourage you to give us feedback on this guidance material. This can be done by email to

What this guidance material covers


Last updated: 2 June 2010