Product stewardship awarded to Fuji Xerox

Date:  12 June 2015

Media Release

Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith today recognised Fuji Xerox for its efforts to responsibly manage the environmental effects of its products, with the company awarded product accreditation under the Waste Minimisation Act for its Zero Landfill scheme.

“The Zero Landfill scheme from Fuji Xerox is a great example of how forward-thinking businesses can manage and mitigate their impact through proactive product stewardship. The scheme aims to recycle and reuse an estimate 99.5 per cent of Fuji Xerox equipment and products – including printers, copiers, toner bottles, print cartridges, drums, rollers and fuser oil, and packaging –  resulting in approximately 1200 tonnes being diverted from landfill each year,” Dr Smith says.

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