Our science advisor Dr Alison Collins

Date:  13 March 2018

Dr Alison Collins is our Departmental Science Advisor.

Alison is focused on ensuring the best science is available, understood and used throughout the Ministry. She has already made good progress since she joined the Ministry last year with the formation of the inaugural Ministry Science Council – made up of Ministry staff who help Alison connect to and advance priority issues of science.

Originally from Britain, Alison’s science interests include climate, land, water, ecosystems and data science. She is passionate about the role science has in government. Over the past 12 years while working for Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research, Alison has helped regional councils and central government agencies understand and prioritise their science needs, and improve their uptake and ultimately use of science.

Science has a role in informing public debate around many of today’s challenges and creates an evidence platform for the Ministry to connect, innovate and take action. As our Departmental Science Advisor, Alison is an ambassador for a science-based culture at the Ministry and provides advice on science directly to the Secretary for the Environment. Alison is also focused on ensuring the Ministry is connected with other government departments and the wider science community (such as Crown Research Institutes).

Alison works with other Departmental Science Advisors, convened by the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, to ensure science is aligned across government agencies, is to a high standard and supports a sustainable and prosperous New Zealand.

See the Conservation and Environment Science Roadmap developed jointly by us, the Department of Conservation and the Office of the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor.