Ombudsman’s review: You are invited to take part.

Date:  06 April 2018

Ombudsman’s OIA review

The Chief Ombudsman has commenced four self-initiated investigations into the Official Information practices of the public sector. The agencies involved are the Ministry for the Environment, Ministry for Culture and Heritage, the Department of Conservation and Land Information New Zealand. We’ve been chosen as one of the first four agencies for review because delivering better environmental outcomes for New Zealanders is a key priority for the Government.

If you’ve made an OIA request to the Ministry for the Environment in the past 6-12 months then the Chief Ombudsman would like to hear from you. You’re invited to provide feedback through this survey (open until 27 April). 

Replies will be held in confidence by the Office of the Ombudsman, and are not subject to disclosure under the OIA. Individual survey responses will not be disclosed and your identity will remain confidential

You can read more about the Chief Ombudsman’s review or visit our OIA page for information on making an OIA request with the Ministry for the Environment.