New marine regulations come into force

Date:  28 October 2014

The Ministry for the Environment has been working hard to introduce the new changes to the Marine Pollution Regulations under the Resource Management Act 1998.

Amendment to the regulations will help protect New Zealand’s marine environment by stopping garbage from being discharged into the coastal marine area.

Justin Strang, Manager of our Marine and Environmental Governance team explains, “These regulations crack down on the dumping of litter in the ocean within twelve nautical miles from the shore. This includes garbage like plastics, bottles, fishing gear, cigarette butts - all will need to be kept on the boat and disposed of onshore.

“We are working in partnership with Maritime New Zealand to promote the changes to these regulations, especially among recreational boaties.”

So remember if you’re out and about in your boat this summer: don’t throw it, stow it. Take your rubbish back to shore with you and dispose of it properly. We’ll all be doing our bit to keep our bays beautiful. 

Download the Keep our bays beautiful poster (as shown below) [PDF, 300 KB]


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