Ministry not reviewing the EPA

Date:  06 October 2017

The Ministry for the Environment wishes to correct a statement made on the Newsroom website today.

The Newsroom item stated that the Ministry is reviewing the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).  That claim was reportedly based on comments from Sir Peter Gluckman, the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor.

Both the Ministry for the Environment and the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor have confirmed that no such review of the EPA is underway.

“The Ministry for the Environment is responsible for monitoring the EPA’s performance on behalf of the Minister for the Environment, but we have no review of the EPA underway, or any plans to do so. Nor do we play a role in reviewing the EPA’s assessments or approvals of hazardous substances. To do so would encroach on their independence as New Zealand’s regulatory authority on hazardous substances and new organisms,” said Ministry Chief Executive Vicky Robertson.

“My comments about the Ministry for the Environment being in contact with the EPA were not meant to imply that a formal review was underway,” Sir Peter Gluckman said