How to sign up to the Protocol

This page provides information on who can sign up to the New Zealand Urban Design Protocol, what signing up means, and how to sign up.

Who can sign up?

Any organisation or company involved in some aspect of planning, designing, building, managing or influencing New Zealand’s towns and cities, can sign up to the New Zealand Urban Design Protocol. Organisations can apply to become signatories at any time.

What does signing up mean?


There are numerous benefits in becoming a signatory to the Protocol.

These include:

  • free subscription to the Urban Leader, a bi-monthly newsletter on New Zealand and international urban design information and trends
  • access to the package of resources to support implementation of the Protocol
  • being part of a national collaboration of urban design organisations.


All signatories are required to develop, monitor and report on a set of actions they will undertake to implement the Protocol. The web pages on action plan information provide answers to frequently asked questions, a set of resources including the Action Pack and Protocol monitoring information.

Becoming a signatory will require your organisation to:

  1. Appoint a Design Champion
  2. Select and implement a set of actions to demonstrate your commitment to the Protocol
  3. Provide action plan information, during monitoring surveys carried out by the Ministry for the Environment.

What is the process?

If your organisation wishes to sign up to the Protocol you will need to write a letter to Ministry for the Environment confirming your organisation's commitment to the Protocol. This letter should be signed by someone authorised to represent your organisation on this matter.

The letter needs to include within it the following statement:

"I confirm that <<title of organisation>> will become a signatory to the Urban Design Protocol. <<title of organisation>> is committed to creating quality urban design and we recognise our role and responsibility in achieving this. We have appointed <<name>>, <<title>> as our urban design champion. Within three months of signing we will develop a set of actions to implement our commitment. We will provide action plan information during monitoring surveys carried out by the Ministry for the Environment. <<title of organisation>> is aware that your champion and other urban design contacts can receive an e-newsletter the Urban Leader on a monthly basis, which they can unsubscribe from at any time."

Letters should be addressed to:
New Zealand Urban Design Protocol
c/o Resource Management Directorate
Ministry for the Environment
PO Box 10362

Find out more

If your organisation is interested in becoming a signatory and you need further information, please email

NZ Urban Design Protocol