Information on flood planning and where to find information during a flood

This page provides links to information to help you plan for a flood and council websites that provide information during a flood.

Planning for flooding

Information for individuals on planning to cope with many natural hazards, including flooding is available at the ‘Get Thru’ website. To learn how to plan for floods visit the United Nations Stop Disasters website. For children, the FEMA website contains some educational games on dealing with floods.

Keeping an eye on the weather

If you want to know when it might rain, the Metservice website includes heavy rain warnings and watches. The predicted weather for the next few days can be seen and when it starts raining their rain radar can show where the falls are heaviest.

During floods

Regional councils are a good source of information on current river levels and local rainfall. During floods many regional councils will also issue flood warnings on their websites. 

District and city councils are also good sources of information on local flooding and road closures.

The Local Government website provides links to all local authority websites.

Other information

GNS Science and NIWA run the Natural Hazards Centre website with information on various natural hazards including floods.

The Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management maintain a list of links to local civil defence organisations at district/city and regional councils [Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management website].

The Ministry for Primary Industries [MPI website] has information on emergencies affecting the rural sector.