The Packaging Forum’s Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme

Image of soft plastic recycling bin

The Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme is currently not collecting soft plastics. The Packaging Forum plans to resume collection of soft plastics in April 2019. For more information see the Soft Plastics Recycling website

About the scheme

In 2015, The Packaging Forum was awarded $700,930 from the Waste Minimisation Fund towards the Soft Plastics Recycling Project.

The Soft Plastic Recycling Project introduced recycling bins, where people could return soft plastic, at New World, PAK’n SAVE, Countdown and The Warehouse stores around the country. This included plastic shopping bags, bread bags and frozen food bags — basically anything made of plastic which can be scrunched into a ball.

The plastics were collected and transported to Australia where they were recycled into products such as park benches and fitness circuits for playgrounds. 

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Photo of soft plastic recycling bin

Source: Packaging Forum