Flight Plastics Limited

Flight Plastics has recently built New Zealand’s first integrated PET recycling and manufacturing facility. PET is commonly used in plastic bottles, punnets and other food containers.

Every year New Zealand imports millions of plastic bottles and food containers. Until recently, when these had been used they were either sent overseas for recycling or disposed of to landfill. But since 2017 Flight Plastics in Lower Hutt, with the support of funding from the Waste Minimisation Fund, has been turning our waste PET into new containers to supply distributors in New Zealand

In 2011 Flight Plastics received $30,000 from the Waste Minimisation Fund to assess the economic viability of installing a plant to recycle PET (number 1) plastic in Wellington. The plant which makes PET food-safe packaging using recycled PET flakes went ahead.

In 2013 the company was awarded further funding of $4 million from the WMF to build a wash plant to enable complete onshore recycling of PET.Previously PET collected from recycling was shipped in bales to overseas markets for processing. Now, every tonne of PET plastic that is recycled at Flight prevents a tonne of plastic being imported and another tonne being shipped overseas for recycling. You can spot a recycled Flight Plastic container by the NZ RPET and Flight logo on the container's base.

Countdown is now one of their clients – using their products in their bakery and delicatessen.

Watch the Flight Plastics video below on how it recycles PET plastic

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