Matakana Island's recycling centre

This page provides a profile of the Matakana Island's recycling centre project.

Source: Matakana Island Marine Club

Project profile

Matakana Island is located in Tauranga Harbour in the Bay of Plenty. The Island is New Zealand’s largest sand bar island and is classed as a nationally significant geological site.

In 2013, Matakana Island Marine Club received $70,000 from the Waste Minimisation Fund to establish a recycling centre on Matakana Island. This is the first of its kind on the island and has been well supported by the community. Island residents are now able to bring their metal, white ware, tin cans, aluminium cans, plastics (1&2), cardboard, paper and glass bottles to the recycling centre rather than using less environmentally friendly disposal options.

This is a great asset for Matakana and nearby Rangiwaea Island. By changing residents’ behaviour the recycling centre aims to ensure valuable resources are not lost and that harmful elements are not released into the environment.