Environment Canterbury’s Residential Red-Zone Household Hazardous Waste Management Project

Project profile

In 2011 Environment Canterbury received $1,006,972 from the Waste Minimisation Fund towards a post-earthquake recovery project. 

The objective was to reduce risks to human health and the environment by removing hazardous household waste from residential red-zoned properties before they were demolished. This hazardous waste would otherwise go to landfill with demolition debris.

Since the project started in 2012, 6,768 residential red-zoned properties have been inspected - approximately 84% of the red-zoned properties. In total 333.81 tonnes of hazardous waste was collected from 2,262 properties and appropriately disposed of by licenced hazardous waste disposal contractors.

The waste streams collected were:

  • Paint 79%
  • Household chemicals 9%
  • Other 4%
  • Waste Oil 3%
  • Agricultural chemicals 2%
  • Car batteries 2%
  • Solvents 1%

Demolition contractors and residents actively participated in the programme. Great collaboration between public and private sector organisations made this a highly successful project.