42Collective's accreditation scheme for hospitality sector businesses

This page provides a profile of 42Collective's accreditation scheme for hospitality sector businesses that demonstrate sustainable practices. 


Source: 42Collective

Project profile

42Collective, an incorporated society based in Wellington, received $90,000 from the Waste Minimisation Fund. The funding was used to support the development of an accreditation scheme for businesses in the hospitality sector that demonstrate sustainable practices, including waste minimisation.

The funding went towards:

  • developing sustainable practices and standards (badges), and associated auditing processes
  • developing a smartphone application for consumers and upgrading the Conscious consumers website
  • the cost of funding regional co-ordinators to sign up and audit new businesses to the accreditation scheme.

The smartphone application enables consumers to find accredited businesses and learn more about the environmentally and socially responsible products and services the businesses offer.

Businesses can earn badges, illustrated above, by meeting best practice standards. Five of the 12 badges are for smart waste management practices.

At the end of the funded period nearly 200 businesses had signed up to be part of the accreditation scheme. It has since grown to a nationwide network of more than 400 hospitality businesses. They include cafes, restaurants and caterers. It is estimated that the accredited businesses divert over 1780 tonnes of waste from landfill each year.

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