Waste Minimisation Fund: funding rounds

Key dates for events for applicants to the May 2019 funding. Applications for the funding round closed on 29 May.

Key dates for the May 2019 funding round

1 May

Applications opened

29 May 

Applications closed


Anticipated timeframe for decisions for funding round

October /November

Anticipated timeframe for notification of successful and unsuccessful applicants. Successful applicants begin Stage II project planning*

May 2020

Anticipated start date for successful applicants


*Note: Projects cannot officially start until after Stage II project planning is completed and this can take 3 to 6 months.

The Waste Minimisation Fund is unable to reimburse costs incurred prior or during Stage II project planning. Please contact the Waste Minimisation Fund team if you require further information

Information for applicants

Guidance for applicants

May 2019 funding round:

Successful applicants enter into a deed of funding with the Ministry which sets out our standard terms and conditions for funding. The deed will be updated for the May 2019 funding round.

Information on the Circular economy Ōhanga āmiomio

The circular economy underpins work that is undertaken by the Ministry. We recommend keeping these principals in mind while completing your application.

For instance, applications may incorporate the following initiatives:

  • collaborative approaches to design out waste across supply chains
  • multi-industry /industrial ecosystem networks (‘waste’ from one industry is food for another)
  • new services and systems to share resources and assets more effectively (e.g., sharing rather than ownership models)
  • new materials that replace toxic, single use or non-recyclable resources
  • new technologies that promote or support the recovery and reuse of resources
  • innovative products that avoid waste or make use of, and add value to, current waste resources
  • new services to take resources out of the general waste stream and put them back into circulation through repair, refurbishment, remanufacture or reuse
  • local infrastructure to support domestic resource efficiency and recycling
  • community engagement to promote local circular economy initiatives.

Find out about the circular economy

Funding for specific projects

In addition to general funding rounds such as the May 2019 funding round, we fund specific projects from time to time. See Waste minimisation projects we are funding

Updates on the fund

Email wmf@mfe.govt.nz with 'WMF registration of interest' in the subject line.

Contact us

Phone: 0800 499 700
Email: wmf@mfe.govt.nz