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Our funds

We manage the following funds on behalf of our Ministers.

Freshwater Improvement Fund

The Freshwater Improvement Fund is designed to improve the management of New Zealand’s freshwater bodies (lakes, rivers, streams, groundwater and wetlands). The aim is to make the biggest difference with available funding. That's why the fund is focusing on water bodies in vulnerable catchments that are showing signs of stress but have not yet reached a 'tipping point', where it becomes more expensive and more difficult to restore them to good health. The fund encourages collaborative partnerships between government, iwi/hapū, the community, philanthropic and private sectors on projects with a total value of $400,000 or more.

Visit the Freshwater Improvement Fund web pages or email for more information.

Community Environment Fund

The Community Environment Fund (CEF) is designed to help you make a positive difference to the environment. It funds projects that support partnership between parties and increase community-based advice, educational opportunities and public awareness on environmental issues.

Visit the Community Environment Fund web pages or email for more information.

Waste Minimisation Fund

The Waste Minimisation Fund (WMF) is designed to boost New Zealand's performance in waste management. The WMF funds waste minimisation projects that increase resource efficiency, reuse, recovery and recycling of waste, and decrease waste to landfill.

Visit the Waste Minimistation Fund web pages or email for more information.

Contaminated Sites Remediation Fund

The Contaminated Sites Remediation Fund (CSRF) provides funding to regional councils and unitary authorities to help with contaminated site investigations, remedial planning, and remediation of sites that pose a risk to human health and environment.

Visit the Contaminated Sites Remediation Fund web pages or email for more information.

Environmental Legal Assistance Fund

The Environmental Legal Assistance Fund provides not-for-profit groups with financial assistance to advocate for an environmental issue of public interest at resource management cases at the Environment Court, and at boards of inquiry constituted under the ‘call-in’ provisions of the Resource Management Act 1991. The fund reimburses the costs of legal counsel and expert witnesses.

Visit the Environmental Legal Assistance Fund web pages or email for more information.

Funds that are closed

Te Mana o Te Wai Fund

The Te Mana o Te Wai Fund provided funding for projects that enabled Māori to improve the water quality of freshwater bodies (including lakes, rivers, streams, estuaries and lagoons) that are of importance to them. Nine projects are underway and this fund is now closed for applications.

Visit the Te Mana o Te Wai Fund web pages.  

Fresh Start for Freshwater Clean-up Fund

The Fresh Start for Freshwater Clean-up Fund provided regional councils and their project partners with financial assistance to remediate water bodies of national significance. From 2011 to 2014 the fund allocated $14.5 million to seven projects. 

Visit the Clean-up and protection project web pages.