How to apply to the Contaminated Sites Remediation Fund

This page sets out how to apply for funding from the Contaminated Sites Remediation Fund. It includes funding criteria and application documents.

How to apply for funding

If you wish to investigate and/or remediate a contaminated site on your land contact your regional council or unitary authority. CSRF applications are only accepted from regional councils and unitary authorities.

Your regional council will assist you with your application, inform you of the information required and submit an application for CSRF funding to the Ministry for the Environment on your behalf.

Funding criteria

To be eligible for funding a site must meet the following criteria.

  • A completed application form has been submitted to the Ministry from a regional council/unitary authority.
  • Activities likely to result in site contamination have been undertaken at one of the following points in time:
    • ​before the Resource Management Act (RMA) was enacted in 1991
    • after the RMA was enacted in 1991 but only if no enforcement could be undertaken by regional councils, unitary authorities or territorial authorities to investigate and/or remediate the contamination, and the activities that caused the contamination have since stopped.
  • ​The application for funding is for one or more of the following phases of remediation:
    • two – site investigation
    • three – remediation planning
    • four – site remediation.

Note that funding: is not available for phase one – desk top study.

  • Funding is only requested for the years in which the site investigation, remediation planning and site remediation are undertaken.
  • Funding may not be used for retrospective costs (ie, for work undertaken before the application form was received by the Ministry) or for works undertaken that are outside the scope of the funding deed.

In addition, the contributions by landowners, the regional council or unitary authority or any other party to each of the stages should reflect that party’s ability to pay and their responsibility for the site and/or contamination. If the application is approved, the Ministry will provide up to 50 per cent of the costs for phases 2–4: site assessment, remedial planning and remediation. 

What the fund will not pay for

The Fund will not pay for:

  • capital expenditure items
  • costs incurred before the application being made
  • investigations or remediation works on contaminated land or identified sites of concern on Crown land where the Crown has accepted responsibility for the contamination.

Key steps and dates of application process

Key steps

Dates for April funding round 

Dates for October funding round 

Landowner(s) contact regional council or unitary authority to discuss funding requirement 



Regional councils/unitary authorities submits funding applications to Ministry

By last working day of March

By last working day of September

Ministry checks eligibility and completeness of applications


Ministry notifies regional councils /unitary authorities of ineligible applications


Early April

Early October

CSRF panel assesses applications and provides recommendations to the Minister

Late April

Late October

Minister approval given to projects. Ministry notifies regional council/unitary authorities of funding decisions  

Early May

Early November

Ministry develops funding deeds for signing by relevant parties 


Funding deeds signed

Project plans developed




Start of approved projects



Application documents

Deed of funding template

Successful applicants enter into a deed of funding with the Ministry which sets out our standard terms and conditions for funding.

Find out more

If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact the Ministry’s Remediation Projects Team on 0800 499 700 or email: