About the Contaminated Sites Remediation Fund

It is important that historic contamination of sites across New Zealand is cleaned up responsibly.

The Contaminated Sites Remediation Fund provides $2.63 million in annual funding to regional councils and unitary authorities for the remediation of contaminated sites that pose a risk to human health and the environment.

About the fund

The Contaminated Sites Remediation Fund (CSRF) supports regional councils, unitary authorities and territorial authorities fulfil their obligations for contaminated land management under the Resource Management Act 1991.

Regional councils and unitary authorities are responsible for investigating land for the purposes of identifying and monitoring contamination. Territorial authorities are responsible for preventing or mitigating any adverse effects of the development, subdivision or use of contaminated land.

About the funding process

Regional councils and unitary authorities submit information to the Ministry for the Environment on contaminated sites that they consider priorities for investigation or remediation. They do this on behalf of landowners that seek financial assistance from them. The sites must be eligible for CSRF funding.

The Ministry assesses all applications for the risks they pose to human health and the environment using a prioritisation tool. The 10 sites that are determined as posing the greatest risks are placed on a list called the CSRF Priority List. The list provides transparency on which sites are prioritised for government funding. It does not necessarily show the most contaminated sites in the country as not all contaminated sites are eligible for funding.

The Ministry then uses the CSRF Priority List to make recommendations for funding to the Minister for the Environment. Funding is allocated in April and October each year. Being on the CSRF Priority List does not guarantee that a site will be funded in any particular funding round.

When sites are remediated or following further investigation are no longer considered a priority for funding they are removed from the list and replaced with new sites. The list is updated bi-annually during the April and October funding rounds.

Find out more

For information on the prioritisation process including how overall risk scores are calculated see the the CSRF Prioritisation Tool User Manual [DOC, 1.95 MB]

To find out which contaminated sites are priorities for funding see the CSRF priority list.