Community Environment Fund projects Round 5: September 2013

This page outlines projects that received funding from round 5 (September 2013) of the Community Environment Fund.

Whangawehi Catchment restoration project

Applicant: Whangawehi Catchment Management Group
Region: Hawkes Bay
CEF contribution: $89,700
Duration: Three years 

This project involves protecting rare and endangered fresh water and coastal ecosystems along the Whangawehi  Stream. The Whangawehi Catchment Management Group which consists of land owners, marae and agencies has been working on restoring the Whangawehi Catchment since 2010.  

Pest-proof fenced sanctuary

Applicant: Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust
Region: Nelson
CEF contribution: $150,000
Duration: Three years 

The aim of this project is to create a large protected environment for native endangered species at the former water reserve in central Nelson. It will create an opportunity for students, residents and other visitors to be actively involved in restoring New Zealand’s unique biodiversity.

Citizen science meets environmental restoration: measuring success through monitoring

Applicant: New Zealand Landcare Trust
Region: Nationwide
CEF contribution: $131,771
Duration: Three years 

The project aims to improve the leadership, strategic direction and coordination of citizen science in New Zealand. ‘Citizen science’ involves community volunteers using practical field monitoring tools, that meet scientific best practice, to report on the state of their local environment.

Key activities include: 
•    growing support for citizen science in New Zealand 
•    determining the scope and availability of citizen science monitoring tools and training 
•    investigating approaches for enabling and expanding community-based environmental monitoring 
•    promoting more effective use of data from community monitoring
•    sharing findings through a national symposium.

Mangatoetoe stream restoration

Applicant:  Habitat Enhancement and Landcare Partnership (Waihi) Inc.
Region: Waikato
CEF contribution: $55,201
Duration: Three years 

This project aims to restore the Mangatoetoe Stream which flows through the Waihi township. The Habitat Enhancement and Landcare Partnership will work with landowners, the Hauraki District Council and Waikato Regional Council to remove weed species and replace them with suitable sedges and other riparian planting. 

Revive our gulf

Applicant: Mussel Reef Restoration Trust
Region: Auckland (Hauraki Gulf)
CEF contribution: $171,000
Duration: Three years

This project aims to restore the mussel reefs in the Hauraki Gulf. These were decimated by dredging in the mid-20th century. Another objective is to broaden support for marine conservation by educating community groups about the project. The project builds on the success of previous island restoration work in the gulf.

From mountains to the coast: Landscape integrated management in northern Coromandel

Applicant: Moehau Environment Group Inc
Region: Waikato
CEF contribution: $300,000
Duration: Three years

This project involves pest management over 13,500 hectares in northern Coromandel to protect the high levels of biodiversity in the area.     

Developing community-based guidelines for coastal sand dunes

Applicant: Dune Restoration Trust of New Zealand
Region: Nationwide
CEF contribution: $150,000
Duration: Three years

This project will provide coast-care groups and managing agencies with scientifically robust guidance for quantifying the current status of dunes and evaluating the success of restoration programmes. The guidance will be provided in the Dunes Trust Coastal Restoration Handbook.  They will be the first national community-based guidelines for monitoring coastal sand dunes and restoration programmes.

Rotokare halo protection project

Applicant: Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust
Region: Taranaki
CEF contribution: $157,722
Duration: Three years

This community-led trapping project aims to increase the survival of native birds, reptiles and insects within the Rotokare Scenic Reserve. The trapping will target a wide geographical area. The Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust will work with the wider community and landowners. 

Increasing biodiversity through community action in the ‘real’ world

Applicant: Friends of Queen Elizabeth Park (Kapiti) Trust
Region: Wellington
CEF contribution: $294,330
Duration: Three years

Biodiversity in Queen Elizabeth Park, Whareoa Farm Reserve and on the Paekakariki-Pukerua Bay escarpmnent is still at low levels. This is despite the restoration of various ecological systems over the past 10 years. The Friends of Queen Elizabeth Park (Kapiti) Trust will work intensively to support the survival of threatened species such as kakariki, weta, fresh water organisms, rare dune plants, skinks and geckos without the use of enclosures. 

Household woodburner behaviour-change tool kit and intervention

Applicant: Environment Canterbury
Region: Canterbury
CEF contribution: $123,000
Duration: Two years

This project is to:

  • understand household wood burning behaviour and identify the behavioural-change interventions required for people to reduce smoke emissions (PM10) from domestic wood burning
  • test the suggested behavioural-change programme interventions
  • pilot the programme in at least three regions
  • develop a plan for delivery of the programme to as many householders as possible living in airsheds across New Zealand.