Profiles of Community Environment Fund projects

The purpose of the Community Environment Fund's is to empower New Zealanders to make a positive difference to the environment. It supports projects that strengthen environmenal partnerships, raise awareness and encourage participation in  community initiatives. It has an annual appropriation of $2.172 million.

Find out about projects that have been funded. The map has an overview of each project and where it is located. Read about the work of The Forest Bridge Trust - one of the many projects to have been granted funding.

Supporting the Nelson Environment Centre

The Nelson Environment Centre’s (NEC) sole purpose is to help the Nelson-Tasman community live more sustainably, with a focus on waste reduction, recycling and reuse.

NEC run kai rescue, e-waste rescue, regenerative soil, recycling and reuse programmes to help their community build environmental resilience.

Improving the water quality of the Whangamaire Stream

Maanaki Whenua – Landcare Research is working with local land owners, the Taupiri Marae and the Taupiri community to improve water quality in one of the area’s most important waterways.

To date, the project has constructed two wetlands. This has included planting over 18,000 plants across two dairy farms adjacent to Whangamaire Stream. Children from the Taupiri School and community groups have been involved in wetland planting days and wetland ecology workshops. 

Taupiri is in the Waikato.

Restoring the Whangawehi Catchment

The work of the marae-led Whangawehi Catchment Management Group is helping to reduce the impacts of land use on the Whangawehi Catchment.

The aim is to help rare and endangered freshwater and coastal ecosystems.

Bringing back the birds

Native birds may soon be flying safely between Tawharanui and Kaipara, north of Auckland - that is from coast to coast.

To make this happen The Forest Bridge Trust is working with the local community to exclude the birds’ predators from stands of native bush along the route. 

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The trust is working with:

  • landowners to fence bush on their farms to keep predators such as rats, stoats, weasels, possums and mice out
  • 15 schools to teach kids about trapping and logging their predator catches through CatchIT [University of Auckland]
  • parents to get families trapping predators at home.

The work is also:

  • increasing the size of the native birds' habitat - more birds can live in the area
  • protecting kauri from Kauri Dieback Disease by stopping people and animals from entering small stands of bush
  • encouraging the community to be guardians of the birds, land and water 
  • motivating students to learn about maths, science and the environment.

The project is being run over three years. The Community Environment Fund has contributed $300,000. 

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Girl with predators

Photos: Courtesy of The Forest Bridge Trust

Top: Farmers and other community members meet to learn about the project and understand what they can do to help.

Bottom: Kayla Sutton from Matakana School with stoats she caught to help protect the birds




Project descriptions and locations

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