Community Environment Fund projects Round 2: July 2011

This page provides information about projects that received funding from round 2 (July 2011) of the Community Environment Fund.

Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway Foundation project

Applicant: Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway Trust
Region: Auckland
CEF contribution: $193,000
The purpose of this grant is to provide funding to the Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway Trust to finalise the proposal of the Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway to the stage where concept documentation is finalised, a funding and delivery arrangement has been negotiated, and the project is ready to submit an application for resource consent.

Kopurererua Valley reserve development project (Island restoration)

Applicant: Tauranga Rotary Centennial Trust for the Kopurererua Valley Reserve Development
Region: Bay of Plenty
CEF contribution: $60,000
This project will restore and enhance an eight-hectare island within a strategic block of land in Tauranga City. This will create environmental, social, economic and wider cultural benefits through a collaborative approach that will involve community, Council and corporate partners.

Waitangi River catchment: farming for the future

Applicant: New Zealand Landcare Trust
Region:  Northland
CEF contribution: $112,500
The project will undertake a whole-of-community catchment management initiative in the Waitangi River, with the aim of improving water quality of the river and the receiving environment of the Bay of Islands, while enhancing farm and catchment-scale resilience to climate change, and optimising production and farm profitability.

Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park

Applicant: Tui 2000 Incorporated
Region: Waikato
CEF contribution: $171,000
This project will recreate the original ecosystem diversity of the Hamilton Basin and generate a self sustaining habitat sanctuary in the Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park.

Whakatane Kiwi Trust community biodiversity project

Applicant: Whakatane Kiwi Trust Inc
Region: Bay of Plenty
CEF contribution: $100,000
This project will employ a Community Biodiversity Operations Co-ordinator and administration and three biodiversity assistants to create a self sustaining community project, with skilled volunteers eventually leading the project.

Bream Head Scenic Reserve restoration project

Applicant: Bream Head Conservation Trust
Region: Northland
CEF contribution: $170,000
The purpose of the project is to enhance environmental outcomes for the reserve through the enthusiasm and commitment of the local community. The project utilizes a collaborative approach engaging local authorities, Iwi, neighbouring farmers and local business, and will work on strengthening these connections further.

Volcano to sea: community catchment restoration

Applicant: New Zealand Landcare Trust
Region:  Auckland
CEF contribution: $240,000
This project will develop a new, innovative catchment-scale initiative in Auckland linking communities, remnant natural features and the sea. 'Volcano to Sea' will engage with schools and community members, stimulating their imagination and harnessing their enthusiasm to make positive changes in their local environment.

Te Korowai O Te Tai ō Marokura - the Kaikōura Coastal Marine Guardians

Applicant: Kaikoūra Coastal Marine Guardians Inc
Region: Canterbury
CEF contribution: $54,722
The project will complete the Kaikōura Marine Strategy, which will provide guidance on best practices to manage fish, land and water and preserve local treasures through a community led consultation process.

The Piha Wetland restoration project

Applicant: Piha Education Trust
Region: Auckland
CEF contribution: $60,000
The project will restore a wetland and reinstate the wetland hydrology system for the purposes of providing an outdoor classroom for the students of Auckland. A system of boardwalks, paths and observation platforms will provide access and ecologically themed study points. The area will be planted to reflect the extensive biodiversity of the Waitakeres.

Habitat restoration at Tawharanui Open Sanctuary

Applicant: Tawharanui Open Sanctuary Society Inc
Region:  Auckland
CEF contribution: $54,000
This project will restore coastal forest and swamp forest wetland vegetation at Tawharanui Regional Park, in order to provide habitat for native fauna and link existing areas of significant habitat.

Satellite project - Establish Making a Difference for Central Otago (MAD4CO) satellite groups in Maniototo, Cromwell and Roxburgh

Applicant:  Central Otago Rural Education Activities Programme
Region:  Otago
CEF contribution: $55,000
This project will identify and connect those wishing to learn more and take action for the benefit of the environment. Activities, events and workshops will be organised to engage the community and raise the awareness of environmental issues.

Living Waters, Bay of Islands - Wai Ora

Applicant: Bay of Islands Maritime Park Incorporated Society
Region: Bay of Islands, Northland
CEF contribution: $80,471
This project will reduce sediment and nutrient input to the Bay of Islands waterways to restore functional freshwater, marine ecosystems and natural biodiversity. It will also educate, encourage and support landowner and community initiatives and advocate for integrated catchment management within the Bay.

The Porirua Community Pantry project

Applicant: Wesley Wellington Mission
Region:  Porirua
CEF contribution: $75,000
This project will work with those who access the existing Porirua based food bank and the wider Porirua community struggling with food availability and food costs. The objective is to address their issues of food security and involve them in pro active alternatives such as the establishment of community and neighbourhood gardens, composting, healthy food purchasing options and smarter cooking options.

Incentivising sustainable business: bringing 'Conscious Consumers' to restaurants, bars and caterer

Applicant: 42collective Incorporated
Region: Nationwide
CEF contribution: $70,000
This project will incentivise and promote awareness of the benefits associated with sustainable business practice in New Zealand’s hospitality sector, through the expansion of the award-winning Conscious Consumers programme beyond its current focus on cafes to include restaurants, bars and caterers.

Feasibility study: developing home energy and sustainability advisor training and accreditation

Applicant: Community Energy Network Incorporated
Region: Nationwide
CEF contribution: $15,740
This study will assess the feasibility of developing and providing a training and accreditation programme for community-based home sustainability advisors, in order to increase capability and improve outcomes from the sector at a national level.

Marine Metre Squared - developing community tools for marine monitoring

Applicant: University of Otago
Region: Otago
CEF contribution: $159,520
This project will develop tools and skills for the direct involvement of communities in monitoring of the marine environment. Local communities will be able to assess change, monitor water quality and evaluate the success of the restoration effort. The protocols developed will raise awareness of marine biodiversity, and through increased partnerships between scientists, schools, community and Iwi groups, will lead to improved coastal management. 

Tread Lightly Caravan

Applicant: The Urban Ecoliving Charitable Trust
Region:  Auckland
CEF contribution: $100,000
The Tread Lightly Caravan will engage with Auckland children, their families, schools and community groups to inspire them to live more sustainably. The project will raise awareness and provide education on New Zealand’s non-sustainable lifestyles and how we can all make small changes to create a positive difference.

Upper Waimakariri Wilding Tree Control - Stage 6b

Applicant: Waimakariri Ecological and Landscape Restoration Alliance (WELRA)
Region: Canterbury
CEF contribution: $294,000
Waimakariri Ecological and Landscape Restoration Alliance (WELRA) will continue to implement a community based action plan to control wilding trees in the Waimakariri Basin. WELRA is a partnership of landowners, community members and local government groups with the overall aim of eradicating wilding trees from the Waimakariri Basin.

Shade House in Schools and Communities Restoration and Repair project

Applicant: Genesis Reforestation Project
Region: Hawkes Bay
CEF contribution: $100,000
The Genesis Reforestation Project will work with Hawkes Bay school children and Marae to carry out restoration work for environmental initiatives such as the Te Karamu Stream Project and Pekapeka Wetland Project. Pupils, teachers, whanau and community will be guided through a series of workshops which aim to pass on basic knowledge of how to restore and repair the environment through the growing and planting of native trees and plants.

He timatanga Hou - "New Beginnings"

Applicant: Kaikoura Enhancement Trust
Region: Kaikoura
CEF contribution: $36,264
The Kaikoura Enhancement Trust will work with the community to carry out restoration work in the Kaikoura area. The project aims to provide an accessible, visible and historically valuable place where restoration of the Kaikoura Coastal Native forest can be achieved for the benefit of the community and tourists.

Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group - Sector 4 Possum Control

Applicant: Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Trust
Region: Otago
CEF contribution: $67,750
The Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Trust will enhance the biodiversity of the Otago Peninsula by implementing animal pest control operations with a particular focus on possum control.  The project will employ contractors to reduce possum numbers and work with community volunteers to monitor bird life and vegetation.

Mid Dome Wilding Tree Seed Source Removal project

Applicant: Mid Dome Wilding Trees Charitable Trust
Region: Southland
CEF contribution: $300,000
The Mid Dome Wilding Trees Charitable Trust will remove wilding tree seed sources from the western faces of the Mid Dome-Cupola Range. This work will prevent windborne seed spread to vulnerable tussock hill and mountain country, preserving the biodiversity of the area.