Message from the Secretary for the Environment and Government Statistician

The environment is important to New Zealanders. It is critical to our economic, social, and cultural well-being. Environmental reporting must then be comprehensive, independent, and relevant so that it provides New Zealanders with information they can trust and understand.

In 2013, the Ministry for the Environment and Statistics New Zealand began working together to achieve these goals. Our partnership aims to combine the respective strengths of both organisations and deliver sustainable long-term improvements to New Zealand’s environmental reporting. The Environmental Reporting Bill, currently before Parliament, proposes to make this an official partnership while formalising the role of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

2014 Air domain report is the first report in the new Environmental Reporting Series. Published jointly by our agencies, it provides information about the human and natural pressures on New Zealand’s air, its state, the trends in air quality, and the impacts these are having.

We developed the report using the Principles and Protocols for Producers of Tier 1 statistics [Statisphere website]. This ensures New Zealand has access to information on air quality that is relevant, trustworthy, representative, and based on sound statistical methodology.


Paul Reynolds                                                                                              Liz MacPherson
Secretary for the Environment                                                             Government Statistician


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