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About the Blake Inspire annual forum for young leaders

This page provides information on BLAKE Inspire, an annual forum for young leaders with a passion for the environment.

About BLAKE Inspire

BLAKE inspire is a week long leadership development adventure for 55 secondary school students passionate about the environment. The students have the opportunity to address topical environmental issues facing our country, and develop strategies to address them. It was formerly called the Youth EnviroLeaders' Forum (YELF).

Many of these leaders have gone on to do unbelievable things in the communities they represent (eg, organising a youth-led Climate Challenge conference for Auckland). 

This year's event

BLAKE Inspire 2019 will be in Waikato and Rotorua. It will focus on different environmental issues related to climate change, our oceans, freshwater and biodiversity.  

More information

For more details on BLAKE Inspire and guidance on how to apply, visit the Sir Peter Blake Trust website, or follow on Facebook.