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About the Environmental Choice New Zealand eco-label

This page provides information on the Environmental Choice New Zealand eco-label which is owned by the New Zealand Government.

Purpose of the eco-label

The Environmental Choice New Zealand eco-label is designed to assist private, corporate and government buyers identify sustainable products and services. Use of the eco-label is voluntary. The number of companies and products licensed to use the eco-label has steadily increased over the last decade. Around 2000 products and services are currently eligible to carry the eco-label. 

Our role

The Ministry for the Environment holds Environmental Choice New Zealand trademarks for use of the eco-label on certain types of products. It maintains a deed with the New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust to manage the eco-label on behalf of the New Zealand Government. The scheme is funded through licence fees.

Find out more 

Environmental Choice New Zealand website
Includes companies and products licensed to use the eco-label, and the specifications products must meet.