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Upcoming government biodiversity initiatives

This page has information on upcoming government biodiversity intitiatives.

Development of a New Zealand biodiversity strategy

Led by the Minister of Conservation, a New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy will be released in 2020. 

The strategy will set a clear vision for what we want our unique biodiversity to look like in the future.  It will provide the framework for the full range of biodiversity activity and set out our outcomes and goals for biodiversity for the next 20 years.

Public consultation on the strategy closed on 22 September 2019. For the next steps see Proposal for New Zealand's next biodiversity strategy [Department of Conservation website].

Development of a National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity 

MfE has developed a proposed National Policy statement for Indigenous Biodiversity which sets out a range of regulated measures that require councils to take a more proactive role in protecting biodiversity. 

A National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity (NPSIB) would fill a significant gap in the way we manage our biodiversity. It would provide national direction and guidance to local councils on how to improve biodiversity management across the country. 

The proposed NPSIB applies across public and private land including terrestrial ecosystems and wetlands. It would especially impact the management of biodiversity on private land where many of our threatened species, habitats, and ecosystems are found. 

We recently sought feedback on the proposed NPSIB. Find out more about the proposal and next steps.

For background information see Developing a national policy statement for indigenous biodiversity.