Finalists for the 2016 Green Ribbon Awards

This page lists the finalists for the 2016 Green Ribbon Awards by category. The winners were announced by the Minister for the Environment and the Minister of Conservation at a ceremony at Parliament on 7 June. 

Protecting our biodiversity

Orokonui Ecosanctuary - Biodiversity restoration

For their ambitious coastal forest and ecosystem restoration project.

Pernod Ricard Winemakers New Zealand

For demonstrating leadership and supporting biodiversity in their work practices and the local community.

Uawanui Project Governance Group - Uawanui Project

For their community-driven "mountains-to-sea" ecological restoration, with direct benefits to the health of both the environment and local people.

Resilience to climate change

Auckland Council – Retrofit Your Home

For reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the quality of Auckland homes through their Retrofit Your Home programme.

Countdown – Carbon emissions reductions

For significant practical steps for carbon emissions reductions, with impressive results.

Project Litefoot Trust – LiteClub

A programme making significant and tangible environmental changes for sports clubs, allowing them to put more funding directly into sport.

Minimising our waste

Foodstuffs New Zealand – Recyclable butchery trays

For the innovative introduction of ‘recyclable butchery trays’, with significant waste-reduction benefits to New Zealand.

Auckland Zero Waste Alliance Trust – Zero Waste Event Community Programme

For the large-scale, community-based ‘Zero Waste Event Community Programme’, reducing waste and promoting waste-reducing behaviour.

Countdown – Food Rescue Programme

For the ‘Food Rescue Programme’, partnering with charities to reduce waste and deliver social benefits.

Caring for our water

Waikato RiverCare Incorporated – Riparian restoration

For bold actions and leadership, improving water quality of the Waikato River through their riparian restoration programme.

Outward Bound – Waste treatment

For creativity and commitment to environmental stewardship, with their wetland waste management treatment plant and innovative ‘poo buckets’.

Whangawehi Catchment Management Group Incorporated – Restoration Project

For leadership and vision in their ambitious community-driven catchment restoration project.


Business leadership

Fuji Xerox New Zealand – Product Stewardship Scheme

For showing business leadership and sector excellence in their Zero Landfill Product Stewardship Scheme, and taking full responsibility for their products throughout their lifecycle.

RD Manufacturing – Enviroculvert

For going the extra mile to demonstrate innovative leadership in a niche market by inventing Enviroculvert.

Air New Zealand – Sustainability Programme

For leadership in developing and applying a comprehensive company-wide Sustainability Programme, partnership in important conservation projects, and raising awareness of these projects with the public.

Community leadership

Project LiteFoot Trust – LiteClub

For LiteClub, inspiring sporting New Zealanders to be champions for the environment.

WWF-New Zealand and New Zealand Landcare Trust – Reconnecting Northland

For Reconnecting Northland, uniting community groups and projects to create a major shift in Northland's ecological restoration.

Te Whangai Trust – Community biodiversity

For going the extra mile in a community biodiversity whole-of-system approach that teaches skills and changes lives in meaningful and sustainable ways.

Leadership in communication and education

St Cuthbert’s College – Kahunui remote campus

For their Kahunui remote campus, With sustainability at its core, the Kahunui curriculum allows students to drive their own inquiry, exploration, and learning.

Connected Media Charitable Trust – Outlook for Someday

For The Outlook for Someday film challenge, providing a platform for deeper exploration and expression of environmental stories and learning by our young people.

Kaitiaki leadership

Keith and Mercia Wood

For their significant contribution to their community, to improving the health of the environment, and in mentoring others.

Ian Tarei

Ian Tarei, for tenacity and leadership, to achieve strong outcomes for the environment and for his people.

Peter Te Rangihiroa Ramsden

Peter Te Rangihiroa Ramsden, for vision, leadership, and a lifetime of contribution to his community and the environment.

Philanthropy and partnership

Mike Rathbone – Dynamis Project

An individual making a difference, Mike has shown personal initiative and commitment to creating a sustainable future for New Zealand.

WWF-New Zealand and NZ Landcare Trust – Reconnecting Northland

For encouraging environmental projects to connect and work together to achieve scale in their vision.

Conservation Volunteers New Zealand – Punakaiki Coastal Restoration Project

For a significant contribution to ecosystem and species protection, and a robust and successful partnership example for future community projects.