Role of the Fiordland Marine Guardians

This page has information on the role of the Fiordland Marine Guardians in the management of the Fiordland Marine Area.

The role of the Fiordland Marine Guardians

The Fiordland Marine Guardians (the Guardians) are responsible for providing advice to Ministers, government departments and Environment Southland on the management of the Fiordland Marine Area which has world heritage status.

The group is officially recognised under the Fiordland (Te Moana o Atawhenua) Marine Management Act 2005. Alongside representing the views of all stakeholders, they play a critical role in preserving the natural beauty, biodiversity and health of the area. 

“Our vision is that the quality of Fiordland's marine environment and fisheries, including the wider fishery experience, be maintained or improved for future generations to use and enjoy.

Our focus is the Fiordland Marine Area, which extends from Awarua Point on the West Coast to Sandhill Point, Te Waewae Bay and to 12 nautical miles offshore. We frequently address issues at a regional and national level, however, if we believe they are of consequence to the Fiordland Marine Area.

We work closely with the agencies that have an interest in the Fiordland Marine Area, to align focus and strategy and enhance collaboration in the region. We also engage with the wider community to ensure our focus remains relevant and directed towards the future.

Our challenge is ensuring the values of Fiordland are protected as the area faces increasing pressure from competing interests.”

To learn more about the legislation that recognises the Guardians and manages the Fiordland Marine area see Fiordland (Te Moana o Atawhenua) Marine Management Act 2005.  

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See the Fiordland Marine Guardians website for more on the Guardians work.