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Jobs for Nature: Funding for conservation

The Department of Conservation is investing just over $500 million over the next four years to create nature-based job opportunities for approximately 6,000 people.

The Department of Conservation's (DOC) programme of work will create jobs:

  • on private land and the conservation estate
  • in predator control
  • restoring wetlands
  • regenerative planting
  • improving tracks, huts and other recreational assets.

This programme of work includes the following.

Kaimahi for Nature

Funding of $200 million will allow the DOC to work with councils, iwi and local businesses throughout the country to provide nature-based jobs both on and off public land, through a regional alliance model. This funding will be targeted towards helping businesses maintain their workforce and do conservation work as they move towards economic recovery.

Restoring Nature

Funding of $154.3 million will provide for restoring nature on public land and private land. DOC will be working with the Queen Elizabeth II National Trust, NZ Landcare Trust, regional councils, Treaty partners and landholder groups to create jobs in revegetation, pest and weed control, and riparian planting. 

Protecting Nature

Funding of $147.5 million will go towards jobs in pest control and eradication, including advancing Predator Free New Zealand and working with iwi to prevent the collapse of North Island forests.

Much of this funding is already allocated to specific projects and organisations, while other funding is more flexible. We are developing a process for how businesses and organisations can input their proposals for this funding.