9 & 10. Recreational characteristics

This page has section nine and ten (the conclusion) of the New Zealand Fish and Game Council and the Otago Fish and Game Council application to amend the Water Conservation (Kawarau) River) Order.

9.1  The Nevis is already recognised for its outstanding kayaking values downstream of Nevis Crossing.  These arise because of the rugged nature of the Nevis Gorge and the natural flow regime which combine to make the river one of the most challenging kayaking rivers in New Zealand.  

9.2  The broader recreational importance of the Nevis valley is largely dependant on the values identified in 8.0, above.  The area is particularly popular with mountain bikers and four wheel drivers who enjoy the remote and undeveloped setting it provides for recreational use.

10. Conclusion

10.1  Fish and Game submits that in light of the information provided above the Order should be amended in accordance with the changes suggested in Appendix 1 to recognise, sustain and provide for the protection of the Nevis River's outstanding characteristics.