Water data for lakes, rivers and swimming spots on the LAWA website

Use interactive maps on the LAWA website to find out about water at monitored sites in your region and nationally.

Lake water quality 

View water quality results for lakes that are monitored in your area or the national view on lakes in New Zealand.

River water quality

View the health of rivers in your area and national-level information on New Zealand's rivers.

Can I swim here 

Find the best places to swim over the summer months.  Updated throughout the day, LAWA shows the latest water quality results for hundreds of recreational sites throughout Aotearoa. Select a site to find out more on the water quality, what facilities are available, and other helpful information. 

Water quantity

View live river flow, rainfall and groundwater levels in your region or find out how much water is being used and for what. View also at a national level.

About LAWA

LAWA is a partnership between New Zealand's regional and unitary councils, Cawthron Institute, and the Ministry for the Environment and has been supported by the Tindall Foundation and Massey University.