Motu River water conservation order

This page has the key milestones in the making of the National Water Conservation (Motu River) Order 1984 and related documents.

Key milestones

  • In 1982 the Queen Elizabeth II National Trust applied for a water conservation order in respect of part of the Motu River and specified tributaries. The application was made to the Minister of Works and Development under the Water and Soil Conservation Act 1967.
  • The application was referred to the National Water and Soil Conservation Authority Committee to hear the application and make recommendations.
  • The application was publicly notified in September 1982.
  • A hearing was held between the 7th and 9th of December 1982.
  • The committee recommended in 1983 that an Order be made covering parts of the Motu River and tributaries.
  • Submissions were made to the Planning Tribunal who heard and considered evidence not available to the original committee.
  • On 20 January 1984, the tribunal recommended that the Motu River (from and inclusive of Motu Falls to the state highway bridge) should be the subject of a protection order.
  • The National Water Conservation (Motu River) Order 1984 was made on 7 February 1984.

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Application [PDF, 948 KB]

National Water and Soil Conservation Authority Committee report [PDF, 5 KB]

Planning Tribunal report [PDF, 7.5 KB]