Mataura River water conservation order

This page has the key milestones in the making of the Water Conservation (Mataura River) Order 1997 and related documents.

Key milestones

  • On 13 July 1984, four organisations applied for a national water conservation order in respect of the Mataura River and its tributaries. The organisations were the:
    • Otago Acclimatisation Society
    • Southland Acclimatisation Society
    • Council of South Island Acclimatisation Societies
    • National Executive of New Zealand Acclimatisation Societies.
  • The application was made under the Water and Soil Conservation Act 1967.
  • The application was referred to the National Water and Soil Conservation Authority for consideration. The authority heard submissions, held a public meeting on 18 November 1985 and produced its report and recommendations in March 1986.
  • The draft Order was publicly notified on 19 April 1986.
  • Submissions were made to the Planning Tribunal and a pre-hearing conference was held on 19 June 1989. The reason for the delay was because the tribunal was waiting for the outcome of court proceedings relating to the Rakaia River, which raised similar issues to those raised by the Mataura application.
  • The substantive inquiry began on 22 January 1990 and concluded on 21 February 1990.
  • The Planning Tribunal released its report and recommendations on 4 May 1990.
  • Appeals were lodged in the High Court on points of law on 1 June 1990.
  • The High Court held a hearing on 10 October 1994 and issued its decision on 13 October 1994 dismissing the appeal.
  • The Water Conservation (Mataura River) Order 1997 was made on 7 July 1997.

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Application [PDF, 1.56 MB]

National Water and Soil Conservation Authority report [PDF,  1.48 MB]

Planning Tribunal report [PDF, 8.79 MB ]

Hight Court report [PDF, 2.19 MB]