1 & 2. Application to amend order

This page has sections one and two of the New Zealand Fish and Game Council and the Otago Fish and Game Council application to amend the Water Conservation (Kawarau) River) Order. 

Amendment application [PDF, 1,25 MB]

IN THE MATTER of the Resource Management Act 1991 

AND IN THE MATTER of an application to amend the Water Conservation (Kawarau) River) Order 1997 pursuant to section 216 of the Act

BY New Zealand fish and game council and Otago fish and game council

Anderson Lloyd Caudwell
Ground Floor, Otago House
Cnr Princes St and Moray Pl
Dunedin Private Bag 1959

S W Christensen/M A Baker


The applicant applies to amend the Water Conservation (Kawarau River) Order 1997 ("the Order"), specifically in respect of the Nevis River.

2. Name and address of applicant

2.1 The applicant is the New Zealand and Otago Fish and Game Councils ("Fish and Game").

2.2 Fish and Game is the statutory manager of sports fish and game birds under Parts VA and VB of the Conservation Act 1987 and Part II of the Wildlife Act 1953 and their associated regulations and notices.  In particular, under Section 26Q of the Conservation Act,

(1) The functions of each Fish and Game Council shall be to manage, maintain, and enhance the sports fish and game resource in the recreational interests of anglers and hunters, and, in particular…

(e) In relation to planning,—

(i) To represent the interests and aspirations of anglers and hunters in the statutory planning process;  and

(vii) To advocate the interests of the Council, including its interests in habitats: