Making the Kawarau River water conservation order

This page has the key milestones in the making of the Water Conservation (Kawarau) Order 1997 and related documents.

Key milestones

  • On 23 October 1990, the Minister of Conservation applied for a water conservation order in respect of the Kawarau River and all contributing waters, in particular the Kawarau River upstream of the yet-to-be-formed Lake Dunstan and the Shotover and Nevis tributaries. The application was made under the Water and Soil Conservation Act 1967.
  • The application was publicly notified on 27 June 1991. Over 70 submissions were received.
  • On 1 October 1991 the Resource Management Act 1991 came into force and it repealed the Water and Soil Conservation Act 1967. The application was the first to be dealt with under the Resource Management Act 1991.
  • A special tribunal was appointed to hear and make recommendations on the application. It conducted a public hearing from 16 to 20 March 1992.
  • The Special Tribunal circulated an interim report to the parties in June 1992 and heard submissions on it on 21 July 1992.
  • The Special Tribunal’s final report was issued on 15 December 1993 and distributed in February 1994.
  • Submissions were made to the Planning Tribunal. A hearing was held on 7 and 8 August 1995. The report and recommendations were issued on 31 May 1996.
  • The Water Conservation (Kawarau) Order 1997 was made on 17 March 1997.

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Application [PDF, 1.37 MB]

Special Tribunal report [PDF, 10.6 MB]

Planning Tribunal final report [PDF, 17.1 MB]