Grey River water conservation order

This page has the key milestones in the making of the National Water Conservation (Grey River) Order 1991 and related documents.

Key milestones

  • On 29 September 1987, the West Coast Acclimatisation Society and the Council of South Island Acclimatisation Societies applied for a water conservation order in respect of the Grey River. The application was made under the Water and Soil Conservation Act 1967.
  • Under the Water and Soil Conservation Amendment Act 1988 the responsibility for dealing with the application transferred from the Minister of Works and Development to the Minister for the Environment.
  • The Minister for the Environment decided to appoint a tribunal to consider and make recommendations on the application.
  • The application was publicly notified on 13 and 27 August 1988 and a public hearing held from 5 to 9 December 1988.
  • In March 1989, the tribunal decided that two parts of the Grey River catchment merited protection. These were the Blue Grey River catchment, including Lake Cristabel, which should be preserved in its natural state and the Ahaura Gorge where damming of the gorge should be prohibited.
  • The National Water Conservation (Grey River) Order 1991 was made on 22 July 1991.

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Application [PDF, 1.35 MB]

Tribunal report [PDF, 3.36 MB]