Appendix A - Maps and photos

This page has the maps and photos in appendix A to the application by the New Zealand and the North Canterbury Fish and Game Councils and the New Zealand Recreational Canoeing Association for a water conservation order in respect of the Hurunui River. 

Photo 1: Aerial photo of Hurunui River catchment at 49 kilometres elevation (many waters are not visible at this elevation. Created from ARCGIS).

Map 1: Land tenure in the Upper Hurunui River catchment. Not all waters are visible at this scale. (source: Department of Conservation)

Map 2: Topographic map showing all Hurunui Lakes , North and South Branches, and small part of upper mainstem (scale: 1:95000. North is directly up the page)

Map 3: Topographic map showing part of upper mainstem and major tributaries (scale: 1:95000. North is directly up the page)

Map 4: Topographic map showing lower part of upper mainstem, major tributaries and the Mandamus River (scale: 1:95000. North is directly up the page)

Map 5: Simplified three dimensional image of Upper Hurunui River (several waters obscured from view. Created from TUMONZ 3D)

Photo 2: North Branch above Lake Sumner looking upstream towards head of catchment (source: R. Millichamp)

Photo 3 (below): North Branch delta as it enters Lake Sumner (source: R. Millichamp)

Photo 4: Lake Sumner with North Branch entering lake and Loch Katrine visible to the right (Photo: S. Barnett/Black Robin Photography)

Photo 5 (below): Looking down the catchment with Lake Sheppard on the left and Lake Taylor to the right. Lake Mary is also visible to the left of Lake Sheppard (source: R. Millichamp)

Photo 6: The Hurunui River mainstem below Lake Sumner (source: R. Millichamp)

Photo 7: South Branch looking upstream from the gorge (source: R. Millichamp)

Photo 8: Confluence of the Hurunui River mainstem with the South Branch showing the flow moderating effect of Lake Sumner (Photo: P. Langlands).

Photo 9: Upper Hurunui River gorge looking downstream from just below the confluence with the South Branch (source: R. Millichamp)

Photo 10: Looking downstream from just above the confluence of the upper Hurunui River with the Mandamus River to the lower Hurunui River (source: R. Millichamp)