Current water conservation order applications

This page has information on current applications for new water conservation orders and amendments to existing orders.

Number of current applications and amendments

Water conservations orders = 2

Amendment to an existing water conservation order = 1

Applications for a water conservation order 

Te Waikoropupū

The application is for waterbodies that include:

  • Te Waikoropupū Springs (also known as Pupū Springs)
  • Arthur Marble Aquifer 
  • Takaka River and its tributaries (the Waingaro, Anatoki and Waikoropupū Rivers)
  • the hydraulically connected Takaka Limestone Aquifer and Takaka Unconfined Gravel Aquifer in Golden Bay, Tasman. 


Ngāti Tama Ki Te Waipounamu Trust and Andrew Yuill.

Application status 

The Special Tribunal issued its report and recommendations to the Minister for the Environment on 16 March 2020. An appeals period ended on 1 May 2020. The Environment Court is currently viewing submissions.

Find out more about the current status of this application at Water Conservation Order: Te Waikoropupū Springs [Environmental Protection Authority website].

Ngaruroro and Clive Rivers

The application is for the Ngaruroro and Clive Rivers in Hawkes Bay.


  • New Zealand Fish and Game Council 
  • Hawke’s Bay Fish and Game Council 
  • Ngati Hori Ki Kohupatiki 
  • Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of NZ 
  • Whitewater NZ and Jet Boating NZ.

Application status 

The Special Tribunal delivered its report on 30 August 2019. Submissions were lodged with the Environment Court. For this reason, the Environment Court is now conducting a public inquiry into the report.

Find out more about the current status of this application, and download a copy of the Special Tribunal’s decision, at Water Conservation Order: Ngaruroro and Clive Rivers [Environmental Protection Authority website].

Application to amend an existing order - Rakaia River

The application is to amend the National Water Conservation (Rakaia River) Order 1988. The water bodies it concerns are the tributaries of the Wilberforce River and/or Lake Coleridge (the Ryton River, and the Fisher and Gargarus Streams).


Glenthorne Station Limited

Application status 

Submitted to Environment Canterbury to process under the Environment Canterbury (Temporary Commissioners and Improved Water Management) Act 2010.