Amendments to operational regulations - 2013

This page provides information on the amendments to the operational regulations of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme which came into effect on 12 September 2013.

Amendment regulations released

Submissions on the proposed amendments to update the operational regulations of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) were analysed by the Ministry for the Environment.

The former Minister for Climate Change Issues made final decisions on the updates. Following Cabinet approval, the amendment regulations were gazetted on 12 September 2013 which gave them effect.

The amendment regulations make the following changes for ETS participants.  

  • Purchasers of liquid fossil fuels (obligation fuels) can now apply to opt in as voluntary participants if they use:
    • over 10 million litres per year of jet fuel, or
    • over 35 million litres per year of all obligation fuels combined.
  • Global Warming Potentials for non-CO2 emissions, particularly methane, have been updated.
  • A threshold of 100 tonnes of carbon per year has been introduced for the Schedule 4 activity of ‘producing iron or steel’, to clarify that foundries are not mandatory ETS participants.
  • A new regulation provides a simple methodology for reporting emissions from the own-use of crude oil by a miner, with a minimum threshold for this activity of 1500 tonnes of oil per year.