What you can do to help look after our air

We all have a responsibility to look after the quality of our air. There are a number of ways you can help.

What you can do

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Use cleaner forms of home heating


Use clean home heating appliances, such as heat pump, pellet burners or ultra-low emission burners.

Home heating and authorised wood burners


Home heating sources of air pollution [LAWA website]

Burn dry seasoned and non-treated wood. Buy your firewood at trusted suppliers and learn good tips for burning your wood.

More tips on wood burning can be found on your local council's website. An example is Better burning reduces smoke [ECan website]

Some councils offer grants or low-interest loans for the purchase of cleaner domestic heating appliances.

Check  your local council’s website.


Council maps and websites [LGNZ website]

Reduce outdoor burning


Refrain from burning waste in your backyard (especially plastic, treated timber and toxic waste), as it contributes to air pollution.  

Outdoor burning sources of air pollution [LAWA website]

Reduce your transport emissions


Have your car serviced regularly to reduce exhaust fumes. Traffic sources of air pollution [Lawa website]

Instead of using your car, walk, cycle or taking public transport whenever possible.

Not only do emissions from transport affect air quality they also contribute to climate change. In 2015, transport contributed 18 per cent of New Zealand's greenhouse emissions. See National communication and biennial report 2017 snapshot.

Consider buying an electric car.

See the Electric vehicles website for more information on electric vehicles. 

Have your say on air quality policies and plans


Central government sets air policies at a national level. We invite public feedback on these.


Regional councils and unitary authorities manage air quality in their regions. They consult with their communities on how they go about this.

To keep abreast of consultations on national air policies subscribe to MfE updates


For council policies and plans involving air quality, see your local council's website.

Council maps and websites [LGNZ website]