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Closed websites

This page provides information about websites we administered that are now closed.

Climate change information

Was at:

Closed: June 2016

This website provided information on climate change in New Zealand and New Zealand's responses to it including the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme.

Where to go for information

The Information is now on this website, see Climate change and New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme

Useful links

Climate Change Information website harvest [National Library archive website]

4 million careful owners

Was at:

Closed: June 2009

This website provided information on climate change, fresh water and waste issues. It helped New Zealanders find ways to look after the country's environment through community participation.

School stuff resources

All content has been removed from the website, except for the School Stuff resources. 

Useful links

New Zealand 4 million careful owners website harvest [National library archive website]

View our Fresh water pages for information about New Zealand's fresh water resources

View our Waste pages for up-to-date information about waste minimisation

Bioethics Council

Was at:

Closed: January 2010

This website provided information about bioethics, and the Bioethics Council and its work. The website was run independently by the Council, which was disestablished on 11 March 2009.

What did the Bioethics Council do?

The Council was heavily involved in decisions about research on human embryos and gave advice on legislation and ministry policies on many aspects of biotechnology. Since its inception in 2002, the Bioethics Council issued major reports on pre-birth testing, animal-to-human transplantation, and the use of human genes in other organisms.

Where to go for more information

Bioethics Council website harvest [National Library archive website]

Love NZ

Was at:

Closed: July 2010

This website showed locations of Love NZ bins and what to recycle in them.

Useful links

Read our information on waste

Reduce your rubbish

Was at: http://www.reducerubbish/

Closed: July 2009

This website provided simple actions to reduce rubbish. It was developed in partnership with regional councils.

Useful links

Reduce your rubbish website harvest [National library archive website]

Read our information on waste


Was at:

Closed: July 2011

This website provided information on sustainability, to help you reduce your impact on the environment and save money, without compromising your lifestyle. It provided advice, tips, case studies, and a discussion forum on the key elements of living sustainably.

Useful links website harvest [National Library website]

25 easy steps towards sustainability: This advice booklet offers information on some of the easiest things you can to help the environment when you're at home and or out and about travelling

Read our information on waste

Tv TakeBack

Was at:

Closed: September 2014

This website provided information on where to dispose old TVs during the digital switch-over programme. This programme has now closed.