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Sustainability at MfE

Sustainability for us at MfE means three things. They are: operating within our baseline, minimising our environmental footprint, and ensuring we walk the talk on sustainability matters.

See the Ministry for the Environment Sustainability Strategy [PDF, 401 KB] 

MfE’s emissions targets

We are measuring and monitoring our organisation’s emissions from:

  • electricity
  • transport (air travel, taxis, rental cars and reimbursed mileage)
  • waste (paper use).

By July 2020 we have committed to achieve a:

  • 50 per cent reduction in waste sent to land fill
  • 20 per cent reduction in travel
  • 10 per cent reduction in purchased electricity.

We have also committed to setting targets to reduce emissions each year. Our emissions were 1,324tCO2-e during the 2017/18 financial year.

In October 2018, we achieved Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme (CEMARS) certification through Enviro-Mark Solution’s accreditation scheme [Enviro-Mark Solutions website]

“It’s really important that we’re leading by example, and gaining CEMARS accreditation is an important part of that journey,” says MfE Chief Executive Vicky Robertson.

Our other targets

Our sustainability strategy covers a broad range of goals and targets focusing not just on the environment but also on our people, and our finances and transparency.

For more information see the MfE Environment Sustainability Strategy [PDF, 401 KB].