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Waste guidance and technical information

This section contains information on the waste disposal levy and definitions of waste and landfill types. You can also find images of the single-use shopping bags that are being phased out and information on biodegradable and compostable plastics.

In this section

  • Explains what the waste disposal levy is, why we have a levy and what happens to the money it generates. It has information to assist waste disposal operators and on levy reviews.
  • Types of landfills and requirements.
  • Every year, New Zealanders send around 2.5 million tonnes of waste to landfill that is over a tonne of rubbish per household. The majority of this waste is not reprocessed or recycled, and doesn’t break down over time.
  • Which bags are included in the regulations? The regulations [NZ Legislation website] apply to plastic shop
  • The Ministry recommends reusable bags over single-use plastic bag alternatives marketed as compostable or biodegradable. These alternatives can be harmful to nature if they are not processed properly.
  • The Freedom Camping Act is jointly administered by the Department of Internal Affairs and the Department of Conservation.