Local and international product stewardship initiatives

This page has information on local and international product stewardship initiatives that are not accredited under the Waste Minimisation Act.

Note: The Ministry for the Environment does not necessarily endorse or support the views, opinions or content of the external websites linked to below.

Local initiatives

Sustainable Business Council

An executive-led organisation that provides business leadership as a catalyst for change toward sustainable development and promotes eco-efficiency, innovation and responsible entrepreneurship.

Sustainable Business Network

A membership-based social enterprise that provides practical advice and support, networking, programme delivery, training and sustainability assessments.

New Zealand Green Building Council

A not-for-profit industry association. Promotes the benefits of sustainable buildings, assists the property and construction sector to deliver a sustainable built environment, motivates and rewards the sustainable development and operation of buildings in New Zealand.

Environmental Choice New Zealand

New Zealand’s official environmental label. Consumers know that when they purchase products displaying the Environmental Choice label, they are making environmentally-friendly choices. Products that are covered include cleaners and detergents, paints, paper, textiles, office products, and toiletry and personal hygiene products. The scheme is Government owned and endorsed, and a member of the Global Ecolabelling Network.

International initiatives

Bristol-Myers Squibb – Product Stewardship (Ireland)

A biotechnology company with product stewardship schemes to:

  • improve packaging – Bristol-Myers Squibb has a sustainable packaging committee that develops metrics, sets goals and identifies improvements. It aims to remove or reduce polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in packaging.
  • improve energy consumption – green chemical initiatives to improve energy consumption and reduce the amount of chemicals and waste in the manufacturing process.

Electronics Product Stewardship Canada 

A not-for-profit organisation for electronics recycling that has been approved under Canada’s 2015 Electronics Recycling Standard, which defines minimum standards for end of life for electronics.  A number of electronics companies participate in approved recycling schemes, including Lenovo, Apple, Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson and Microsoft.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

A charity based in the United Kingdom that works across business, government and academia to accelerate the transition to the circular economy. The charity focuses on education, business and government, insight and analysis, systemic initiatives and communications.

Forum for the Future, United Kingdom

A charity committed to sustainable development. It works in partnership with businesses, cities and public sector bodies to bring about change. It offers advice, research, capacity building and support.

Global Product Stewardship Council

An independent, not-for-profit incorporated association dedicated to understanding and advancing the principles of product stewardship.


A recycling programme for the Australian mobile phone industry.

Northwest Product Stewardship Council

A coalition of government organisations that work together and with other governments, businesses and non-profit groups to integrate product stewardship principles into the policy and economic structures of the Pacific Northwest, United States.


A North American not-for-profit education and technical assistance organisation. It aims to prevent waste production and promotes sustainable production and consumption practices through good public policy and governance.

Recycling Council of British Columbia

A multi-sector, non-profit, membership driven organisation that promotes zero waste through information services and the exchange of ideas and research.

Sustainability Victoria (Australia)

Delivers waste management and efficient resource use programmes in Victoria, Australia.

The Product Stewardship Institute

A national non-profit membership-based organisation located in Boston, Massachusetts.
PSI works with state and local government agencies to partner with manufacturers, retailers, environmental groups, federal agencies, and other key stakeholders to reduce the health and environmental impacts of consumer products.

Tire Stewardship British Colombia (Canada) 

A not-for-profit society formed to manage British Columbia's tire recycling program. The program collects an advance disposal fee on the sale of every new tire. The fees pay for transporting and recycling British Columbia's generated scrap tires, ensuring that the tires are disposed of in environmentally responsible ways instead of ending up in our landfills.

Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center

A not-for-profit organisation that researches and advises on pollution prevention.

WRAP (working together for a world without waste), United Kingdom

A membership-based non-profit organisation based in the United States that supports the circular economy and helps individuals, businesses and local authorities to reduce waste and recycle more.