Resene PaintWise

The Resene PaintWise scheme recycles paint and paint packaging.  People can drop off their unwanted paint and paint packaging at one of 66 designated drop off centres in New Zealand.

About the scheme

Resene PaintWise accepts all brands of paint and paint packaging and finds alternative uses for them.
Alternative uses include donating good quality paint to community group projects, using waste paint for EchoPaint (used to cover graffiti), replacing virgin material in ‘PaintCrete’ and ‘GlassCrete’, and recycling the paint packaging appropriately.

The scheme includes waste reduction education that encourages customers to responsibly purchase paint.
Resene PaintWise operating costs are met through a combination of fees paid on every litre of Resene paint sold, and fees paid by customers disposing of non-Resene paint. Resene Paints Limited meets any shortfall between operating costs and fee revenue.

Accredited: 13 April 2011 for 7 years.


  Scheme scope

Scheme manager

Paint and paint

New Zealand-wide.


Covers paint and paint packaging returned to Resene stores.


Any brand accepted.

3R Group Ltd.

The scheme’s progress

In 2011, the scheme diverted 114,416 litres of waterborne paint from landfill. All of the steel pails returned by customers have been recycled. The scheme is now also available at Resene stores in Mt Wellington, Ponsonby, Matamata and Gore.

Fifty six stores take part in the scheme.

Find out more

Information about the Paintwise scheme [Resene website], including how community groups can apply for free paint, locations to drop off paint, and information on waste reduction education.