This page has information on RE:MOBILE, an accredited product stewardship programme, which recycles mobile phones and accessories.

About the scheme

Accredited: 8 July 2014 for 7 years

The New Zealand Telecommunications Forum’s RE:MOBILE product stewardship programme takes unwanted mobile phones that are still operational and sells them for refurbishment and resale overseas.

Where the mobile phones and accessories cannot be reused they are broken down in New Zealand and component materials are recovered by recycling facilities overseas. The scheme contributes a percentage of profits to a charity.

Unwanted mobile phones and accessories can be dropped off at RE:MOBILE collection bins in Vodafone, Spark New Zealand or 2Degrees stores, or posted to RE:MOBILE.

For more information see Recycle a mobile phone on the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum website.

Products covered

Scheme scope

Scheme manager

The scheme covers the following products, irrespective of manufacturer:

  • mobile phones (including battery)
  • smart phones (including battery)
  • mobile data devices
  • mobile phone and smart phone accessories such as charging units, data cables, head-sets.

The scheme does not cover:

  • tablet and netbook devices
  • phone cases, protective covers, and other phone accessories not ‘in the box’ with purchase
  • modems and personal computers
  • mobile repair or manufacturing waste.

New Zealand-wide



The New Zealand Telecommunications Forum


The scheme's progress

In the 2014/15 financial year:

  • the scheme helped collect over 96,000 phones for reuse and recycling
  • 187 public drop-off points were maintained around the country
  • 12 tonnes of potentially harmful substances were diverted from landfill.

New Zealand Telecommunications Forum members are active in promoting the scheme. 

Find out more

See RE:MOBILE [New Zealand Telecommunications Forum website]