Recovering Oil Saves the Environment

This page has information on the voluntary product stewardship scheme — Recovering Oil Saves the Environment.

About the scheme

Accredited: 28 June 2011 for 7 years

Recovering Oil Saves the Environment (R.O.S.E. NZ) is a used-oil recovery programme designed to enable users, oil producers and regulators to responsibly collect, transport, use and dispose of used oil.

Under the scheme, oil is reused as an alternative fuel source to diesel, light fuel oil and gas. R.O.S.E. NZ promotes reusing oil as a way to minimise illegal discharges to the environment, and to provide a sustainable end use for waste oil products.

Collected used oil is treated when required and used as an alternative fuel source in Fulton Hogan’s asphalt production plants across New Zealand and for other consented alternative fuel uses.

Visit the R.O.S.E. NZ website.

Products covered

  Scheme scope

 Scheme manager

Used oil

New Zealand-wide.


Used lubricating oil.


Only consented used (waste) oil users, such as Holcim NZ Ltd, Goodman Fielder Ltd, Carter Holt Harvey Ltd and Fulton Hogan Ltd will consume oil collected under this scheme.


The use of oil as a dust suppressant is out of scope of the accreditation.

Fulton Hogan Ltd.

The scheme’s progress

In 2014-15, the scheme collected over 13 million litres of used oil, a 2.7 per cent increase on the amount collected the previous year. The scheme gained two new participants in the same period. Names of all participants are available on the R.O.S.E. NZ website.

Find out more

See the R.O.S.E. NZ website for more information about the scheme including area coverage and contact details for contractors.