Interface ReEntry Programme

This page has information on the accredited product stewardship scheme — Interface ReEntry Programme.

About the scheme

Accredited: 23 April 2013 for 7 years.

The scheme recycles usee Interface carpet tiles into new carpet tiles and other products. It has diverted over 38,000 cubic metres of carpet tiles from landfill.

Carpet tiles are collected from carpet installers and customers at depots in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Tiles that can be reused are stored ready to be supplied to future customers, or donated to community groups. PVC backed carpet tiles beyond their usable life are sent back to the original manufacturer in the United States of America, where they are stripped and remanufactured into new carpet tiles.

Current industry supporters are the New Zealand Institute of Architects, the Designers Institute of New Zealand and Master Spec New Zealand. Interface is a key sponsor of the Circular Model Office Programme that is run by the Sustainable Business Network.

To read more about the scheme, see Recycled & recycling Interface [INZIDE commercial website].

Products covered

  Scheme scope

Scheme manager

PVC backed carpet tiles

New Zealand-wide.


Used Interface branded carpet tiles.


INZIDE Commercial Ltd (the New Zealand distributer of Interface Carpet Tiles).

The scheme’s progress

In 2015, 9,710 cubic metres of carpet were reused, and 5,016 cubic metres of carpet were recycled through the scheme.

Find out more

INZIDE commercial website.