Holcim/Geocycle Used Oil Recovery Programme

This page has information on the former product stewardship scheme — Holcim/Geocycle Used Oil Recovery Programme.

About the programme

The Holcim/Geocycle Used Oil Recovery Programme was accredited in 2008. The first product stewardship scheme to be accredited, it ceased operating in 2014.

The programme involved recovering used oil and using it as an alternative fuel to coal in Holcim’s Westport cement works.

Between 1996 and 2014, around 157 million litres of waste oil were safely removed from the New Zealand environment.

Following accreditation by the Minister for the Environment in 2008, the programme collected and co-processed 5,707,000 litres of used oil. A further 5,203,000 litres of used oil/ship slops were collected and co-processed outside the scope of the programme.

Why the programme ceased operating

The programme ceased operating because Holcim moved to importing cement instead of producing it in onshore kilns.

Used oil can be recovered through the accredited voluntary product stewardship scheme Recovering Oil Saves the Environment.